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You purchased your dream bike, saddled up, and hit the road.  After a long day getting to know your new
best friend something just isn't right. The seat that felt so good on the showroom floor, now has your buns
screaming, back aching, and just doesn't feel like it fits. What to do? You don't want to take out a second
mortgage to buy an after market seat that may, or may not, make things better. You love  the look of your
stock seat and the way it flows with your beautiful bikes lines. Maybe you have discovered that your new
bike is just a little too tall for safe footing? Now you have the option of having your stock seat custom fitted
to your specific needs with little, or no change in its appearance, with a dramatically different feel, and at
price that will make more than just your butt feel great.


                         Something I believe we all need from time to time, please enjoy ....

            Ask about the Supracor "LD" upgrade now available.